About Us


BELLUCCIO was established in 2009, and has been derived to provide eminent red carpet evening wear, bridal wear and formal wear. Located in Sydney road in Melbourne, BELLUCCIO has gained recognition for its exclusive expertise. Every dress is made by hand to the highest standards reflecting their exclusivity and unicity.

The extraordinary design of the dresses tends to be influenced by vintage and Asian influences giving them its unique edge within the fashion industry. BELLUCCIO’s signature lays on the use of embellishments such as sequins, glass beads, bugle beads, seed beads, Swarovski crystals and diamontes and pearls to make its creations shine and reflect every ray of light.


Because every individual has a unique body, and must dress according to their individual needs and wants, we encourage clients to live the customised experience. Hence, we provide you with the ability have a custom made gown, allowing you to wear what you believe is most suitable for the special event.

The pleasant staff at BELLUCCIO provide expert advice during your design consultation whilst selecting fabrics, colours, embellishments and beading and fine details for each individual dress. With our talented and experienced team of designers, pattern makers, seamstresses, and embroidery specialists.

You can ensure that at BELLUCCIO, your dream dress will come true.